International Trade Exchange


International Trade Exchange (ITE) LLC is a Consortium of Global Business Solutions Consultants based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with a unique focus on global bilateral trade projects.


We provide solutions to a host global clients’ majority of which but not limited to Nations, State & Local Government, several Not-For-Profits organizations, Government & Private Equity.

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Our vision is to be the main force behind the growth and development of third world nations and their socio-economic components.

To offer solutions to a wide range of strategic consulting, logistics and training services to senior corporate executives, government leaders, and several industry-leading due diligence support

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ITE has discovered a vacuum between new innovations in the western world and those that will most benefit from these developments in the third world. Our key objective is to fill this vacuum by linking the products with the end users.

Our business is not limited to funneling new and existing innovations but also include creating a link between the produce of many countries and the end users wherever they may be.

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  • Project management
  • Healthcare and Humanitarian Projects
  • Agriculture Innovation & Value Added Chain
  • Aviation Solutions
  • Global Security & Protective Services (Counter Terrorism Training)
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Transformation of Power Utilities – Solar Solutions
  • Green Technology & Solar Powered Low Cost Housing Project
  • Education – Research and Development
  • Capacity Building Projects
  • Oil and Gas
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate
  • Sports & Entertainment Management
  • Innovation
  • Consumer & Customer Insight